Garment company several fabric characteristics of what

 In today's society, more and more clothing company, is developing more and more quickly, Dalangjie gentry of Dongguan City garment factory specializing in the production of clothing, work clothes, work clothes in Dongguan Dongguan, is a professional Dongguan Dongguan garment workers, Dongguan clothing manufacturer, the company has advanced equipment and first-class professional engineer, and has a perfect quality management system and after sale service management system. So let Jie chance tell you there are several commonly used fabrics clothing company, its characteristic is how.

    Garment company several commonly used fabrics and characteristics:

    1: various groups of poplin fabric have oil clean smooth, delicate texture, grain full features.

    2 cotton canvas: is a relatively thick plain weave cloth, high density, solid feel, texture clear, fast abrasion, is to work with the jacket material.

    3: products of high density cotton Shaka, introducing the fabric, texture clear, Hill Valley is distinct, with light, good quality, suitable for engineering jacket, conjoined clothes, casual clothes, bags, industrial naphthalene gloves.

    Through the introduction of more than you on garment company commonly used fabrics also had certain understanding to? It every kind of fabric has different characteristic, also has to the people not the same style, reflects its each kind of fabric style.