"Into the world " in ten years, a garment enterpri

 According to the rules of WTO, such as Europe and the United States from 2005 onwards full abolition of Chinese textile product quota restrictions, so that China's textile and garment export production capability of fully release.

     This year 1 ~ in August, as Chinese textile industry base in Lanxi City, textile fabrics exports amounted to 313300000 dollar, grow 38.77% compared to the same period, continued steady growth. About "into the world " the influence of pair of spin enterprises, the Bureau of foreign trade foreign trade section Zhang Chunhong advised journalists to the dragon clothing Limited company to see. " It 's total exports in Lanxi is not the biggest, development speed is the fastest, but the story of the enterprise. "

     Sure enough, in the Zhejiang dragon clothing Limited company interviews, hear most is not only "into the world " brings the development opportunity, there are gaps and challenges, and enterprises in responding to the challenges in the process of growth and evolution.

     The most unexpected " heckle ":

     A broken needle brought business chance

     The day before yesterday afternoon 3 when make, in a " garment " clothing shop, lady Liu Xuemei is replaced lockstitch machine needle. Replaced the broken needle, she stuck with great care to go back, back to the machine needle box. Liu Xuemei explained: " the next time the machine needle, must put the needle back archive, said that foreign check. "

     A broken needle and stick it back, Liu Xuemei and her co-workers are beginning to wonder, feel it is difficult -- sometimes, broken needle will jump out, fell into the mountain like piles of clothes, like look for a needle in the ocean, take a long time are not likely to find, at last had to resort to the needle machine. With piece-rate sewing Cut, it takes a lot of time, is tantamount to deduct their wages.

    However, now Liu Xuemei doesn't see it that way. Europe and the United States market downturn this year, to our country foreign trade garment processing enterprises a great impact, a lot of enterprises no orders, in a state of suspension, but " garment " order is firm in have litre, employees have no jobs. "It is said that, is because we in the broken needle such trifles on strict management, obtained the foreigners recognized, willing to put the order to us. " Changing the machine needle Liu Xuemei began to busy.

    In the accessories shop, staff open pages of a broken needle record, a record of the needle when to use, when broken.

    "Less a needle will lead to a company Miss foreign orders, even may suffer huge claims. " Lanxi Longma Limited General Manager Yang Xiaorong explained, in foreign opinion, broken needle does not manage, if left on the clothes, the customer bought clothes on, off the machine needle can pierce the body, even as the blood circulation into the heart of life-threatening. Therefore, the company every piece of clothing exports must pass through the needle detector machine inspection, prevent broken needle in costume.

    Last year in Europe and the United States market blowout, the production of foreign trade clothing business orders received mercy, the market was too saturated, a digest of Europe and the United States, add to this economic downturn, have great impact on foreign trade clothing enterprises. " The garment " have little influence, primarily through the United States WRAP and the European BSCI certification. Get the two certification, equal to getting access to the EU market qualification certificate, can give priority to get orders. " The garment " 2009 get the WRAP, BSCI certification, and successfully passed again this year, and strict management are inseparable.

    " Enterprises to enter the international market, must follow the international rules of the game. " Yang Xiaorong said, according to the " garment " the experience of these years, the fine management of enterprise management costs increased by 5% ~ 10%, but benefit increases apparently, bring more business opportunities, the annual export sales of $about 20000000.

    The most impressive commitment:

    The company 's staff of second home

    At noon yesterday, " the garment " of middle managers in the company lobby dance aerobics. After the rehearsal, their proficiency in action a lot. Next, this set of calisthenics as work-break exercises in company promotion.

    Yang Xiaorong tells a reporter, WRAP Chinese translation of meaning is " responsible global garment manufacturing ", BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative responsible organization, application of BSCI supervision system to continuously improve the standard of social responsibility, to meet the requirements of the certification of international procurement.

    Reportedly, " the garment " employee wages are on a clear day, never in arrears, employee dormitory bathroom air-conditioning complete, staff holiday also have full assurance.

    Foreign dealers on the processing plant periodically or aperiodically audit, the factory inspection, only qualified audit will be under the orders of. " Our enterprise not desperately orders and let the workers to work overtime, it ultimately hurt the company. " Yang Xiaorong says, in recent years each district in downtown " labor shortage ", and " the garment " employment contradiction is not outstanding. Investigate its reason, because the enterprise always treat employees, it is best to keep people method.

    The reporter sees, in the staff lounge has a lot of stool for rest, a row of drainage cup neat, employee goes out from the workshop can drink, rest here. But, enter any one workshop, can hear circulating play elegant music, see neatly piled raw materials, finished product, the ground clean as a mirror.

    "The company is always for our sake. " Staff Ye Suzhen said, is very hot in the summer, the company is free for everyone in the workshop air conditioning, not only have air conditioning, each person also installed a Teclast fan.

    In 2007, " the garment " to buy land to build the apartment workers, employees work in the enterprise to the corresponding period, respectively, to obtain a set of housing tenure and property rights. In " the garment " work has been more than a year of Zhang Jinan calculated brushstroke Zhang, the current prices in Lanxi reached 6000 yuan per square metre, his monthly salary was 3000 yuan, do not eat or drink for 10 years to buy a suite. With this welfare, dual-career couples after five years can be divided into real, single workers after seven years can be divided into real, is really attractive.

    Yang Xiaorong tells a reporter, 2010, the company to improve the staff's work and living environment has invested nearly 10 million yuan, is to make the staff to feel warm, put the company as a second home.

    The most pressing challenge:

    The market is becoming more and more transparent force transformation

    Although not anxious order, but the pressure of RMB appreciation, high cost, make textile and garment enterprises foundry road more walk more difficult. " Now the foreign trade clothing enterprises have difficulties. " Yang Xiaorong says, since last year, clothing enterprises need raw materials such as cotton prices took a " roller coaster ", volatile, have a bit inadvertent enterprises do not have money to earn.

    Longma Garment Limited Business Manager Yang Huijun told the reporters, cancel the export quota restrictions, greatly small foreign trade clothing production enterprise on the same starting line, competition is very intense, and the international market for China's exports of textile and garment enterprises set up numerous trade barriers, in order to get orders, enterprises are often in ceaselessly on the price concessions. " Foreign sometimes call a spade a spade to tell us, an order for 3 home business, the purpose is to let your mutual demand a low price, they reap profit at other's expense. "

    For foreign trade enterprises, very not easy to get international order is more and more hot, signing and raw material prices vary from minute to minute, do the good will lose money, but the exchange rate losses.

    Engaged in the textile and apparel industry for more than 30 years of Yang Xiaorong said, this environment Daobi enterprises experienced good exercise to benefit the internal organs, strengthen management, optimize the product structure, improve product quality and added value, at the same time gradually adjust business strategy, the line of sight pull back home the largest consumer market, making their own brand names. He said, make own brand OEM profit is much higher than for others, can increase additional value of brand to accelerate business development. Now coincides with the country to expand domestic demand, very broad prospects for the domestic market. " The final solution is a walking on two legs, hold the initiative in the market. "

    " Every year, a stable foreign trade orders to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, and the domestic market is the enterprise 's future growth. " Yang Xiaorong said, in the long-term cooperation with international brands, " the garment " already in the production, marketing has accumulated some experience, brand laid a foundation. At present, enterprises have registered several brand, R & D center every day in the development of new products, design new models, increase the strength of development home market.